Insight – Book of Ruth

Events in the life of Naomi & Elimelech impart a clear picture of how we should respond as believers to our situations. When Naomi’s life was miserable and upside down, GOD opened a door of blessing through Ruth’s obedience. On the other hand, Boaz’s life enlightens us with a heart of acceptance and generosity as well. We should understand the repercussions of losing a relationship with God and an impact of restoring it through penitent faith.

Likewise Naomi, we often respond to the situations in our life. When we face a hard time in life, we simply blame God and be away from his presence. God may allow these situations either to make us know about our disobedience and sin or to test our faith. The Word clearly saying “Testing of your faith produces steadfastness (James 1:3)” and “Consequence of sin is death (James 1:15). So, we should not blame God because he never tempts anyone, at the same time he never tests anyone beyond his ability (1 Corinthians 10:13).Rather than saying God left my side, there is always a possibility of reaching him through repentance and an obedient heart. Yes, he is gracious and always concerned towards the penitent heart.

Ruth, a Moabite woman entered an Israelite house and heard about the greatness of God. She accepted the God of Israel and was persistent in showing the same faith even at the hard time of life. Regardless of tribe and race God has chosen Ruth because of her faith and submissive heart which resulted in a happy ending. This shows the favor of our God towards a faithful heart which can overcome his anger. He always looks for people to come near him and be saved. In Isaiah 60:10, it says “for in my wrath I struck you, but in my favor I have had mercy on you”. This gave a prominent place for Ruth in the genealogy of JESUS CHRIST and turned the life of Naomi to sweetness. We should show the same reverence and help others the way God has done to us. Being a son of Rahab, Boaz remembered the help from God and salvation that his mother received through faith. So, he responded positively to the Moab woman who pleased God.

From this we should understand the view point of God, God can change any situation in our life (Psalms 40:6) and nothing is impossible or too hard for GOD.(Luke 1:37 and Jeremiah 32:17) but all you need to have faith by accepting God and continuous prayers (Philippians 4:6).Here, I don’t want to conclude this process of blessing without introducing JESUS CHRIST in whom we have salvation. Seek and worship God because of who he is and not for physical benefits or at the time of troubles. Yes, God is able to provide all your needs, and he is only one who can bring you out of struggles, but the actual purpose of God’s love is something beyond worldly aspects. His main concern is to bring us out of sin which parted us from him, and he is the only one who can bring us out of it. As mentioned in Mathew 6:33, “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

Seeking God means believing God and accepting the one (JESUS) he has sent (John 6:29).The whole purpose of God in sending JESUS is to give us salvation and eternal life, which is possible only through him.

Now the question is….

Do you believe in GOD?

Have you accepted CHRIST as your personal savior?

Insight – Ark of the Covenant and Sanctification.

God has commanded the Israelites to keep the Ark of the Covenant wherein he can dwell with his people. This made the Israelites successful in their journey to the Promised Land. God sanctified Israelites through circumcision which shows his great plan and resulted in becoming the dwelling place of God. In the event of Jericho, we understood that God is a provider and exceptional in all our circumstances. But, one of the Israelites – Achan was indulged in a pilferage which was against the Word of God and resulted in a repercussion to the entire Israelites. He became a troubler of the Israelites which led to his death along with his family.

Apostle Paul has mentioned in his letter to Rome (Romans 5:8) God demonstrates his own love for us in this; while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Though we are not physical Israelites and entangled in sin, God called us as his inheritance by purchasing us through the Blood of Jesus Christ. According to Romans chapter 6, it’s clearly mentioned that we are saved from sin and redeemed from eternal death, and we should not indulge in unrighteousness. Apostle John writing in his first letter (1 John 3:4) acting against the Word of God is a sin.

God sanctified us through salvation. But, we often go astray due to worldly desires which lead us to sin. This makes the spirit of God not to dwell within us, and we may lose the relationship with God. Whatever God has removed from our life, we should not go back to that. These kinds of acts results in trouble, not only to our life but also to our family. It’s always good to have the presence of God, which is possible only with a sanctified spirit.

 Yes, God is gracious but at the same time He is righteous and judges according to his Word.

Now the Question is………..

Do you have a clean heart?

Insight – Book of Joshua

In the event of the Battle of Jericho, Rahab – a prostitute woman played a prominent role. When the Israeli spies encountered her, she upfront submitted to God’s decision about the city of Jericho. People of Jericho heard the news and information about the Israelites and their God who has been leading them in a mighty way. She believed in God of Israel by hearing his great wonders and glorious deeds through the wilderness and waters. Moreover the people of Jericho understood the capability and strength of God of Israel.

Apostle Paul writing to Rome (Romans 10:17) Faith comes by hearing and hearing through the word of Christ. Likewise, Rahab heard the words about God of Israel, and she surrendered herself to God with a penitent heart and faith which resulted in the salvation of her entire family. On top of that she has received a prominent place in the genealogy of Jesus Christ. So, listening to Word of God followed by penitent faith and belief leads us to salvation and eternal life.

Apart from that, it is always good to share your testimony about the glorious deeds from God in your life as they might help others to revive spiritually.

God blessed Joshua and made him strong and courageous. Joshua has followed a simple funda in his entire life that is believing God and acting according to his plan and instructions. God deals with every situation in our life. He will provide and appoint someone to help us in our needy time.                                                                           God has appointed Rahab to help Israelites as per his plan.                                                                Psalmist mentioned in 37:5 Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. So, all we have to do is submit to him and act according to his plans though it sounds unbelievable.

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